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 Influence How People View and Treat You…In 5 Easy Steps! - Customers will respond to you! - Co-workers will enjoy working with you. - People will listen and pay attention to what you say. Did you know? 85% of success in life comes from people skills?  Both on the phone and in person! Every time you answer the phone or greet someone face-to-face you are knowingly and unknowingly sending signals, which they use to decide who you are, what you stand for, and how you deserve to be treated!  Within just seconds, they are deciding if you are intelligent or not, if you know what you are doing or don’t have the foggiest, if you like or dislike what you are doing, if you want to help them or could care less, if this is going to be a pleasant experience or not, and on and on and on…And at the same time those signals not only represent you, but also your organization, department or company! And because everyone “feels and acts in split seconds, and then thinks later”, they treat you according to the messages you just sent them! And then emotions get in the way and  perception becomes the name of the game! Using my 5 "STEPS" method, you can put into people what you want back and get it! Whether you have an Ivy League degree or a GED, a high or low social standing, it doesn’t matter.  My 5 “STEPS” method works for everyone no matter what their size, shape, color or ethnic background!  Young or old, it doesn’t matter! Learn the power of your Smile, Tone of voice, Expression/facial, Posture, and “Start putting into people what you want back”!      Some of the things you will learn from Sid: The surprising secrets to giving great customer service! Telephone skills that really make a difference! Why customers quit and how to prevent it! Ways to deal with inappropriate behavior! The secret to defusing upset customers and even stressed co-workers! Listening skills (huh?) The signals you are sending, how they impact your life, and how to take control of them! How perceptions can make or break you and what you can do about them! How “habits” can hold you back from success and what you can do about them! The power of empathy and the difference it makes! The benefits of commending! How to have fun & be happier every day (and show it)!     So who is this guy? Sid gave his first presentation on February 8th, 1970!  He combines his powerful message, humor, and insight with an entertaining twist, creating a dynamic learning experience that transforms the way people relate to themselves and others!  Sid is a published author, and humorist!  He has books, DVD’s, and CD’s available. Sid will show you how to Smile, Laugh, and Have Fun with customers, fellow employees, and even those you live with! Call Sid…You’ll be glad you did!  830-285-1314 Sidney C. Hurlbert  www.callsid.com  e-mail: seminars@sidneychurlbert.com
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